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Bar opens daily at 5:00 P.M.
The Menus


From Richard:
our menu changes daily with respect to what we are into at the moment, whether it’s an ingredient, band, chef or current event. THIS IS A SAMPLE DINNER MENU.

*oysters & pearls 13$
* tuna crudo w cucumber & chervil consomme, pickled corn & chili 14$
mexican street corn w chili, lime & queso fresco 5$
*beef tartare w harissa, pickled grape jam & cheddar biscuit 12$
chicken galantine w crawfish & kohlrabi remoulade 10$
oyster mushroom tartine w lamb chopper, pickled ramp & turnip 9$
meadow creek appalachian cheese w apricot scone & marmalade 12$
fried chicken liver & onion w guava mustard 9$

small plates
spring vegetable salad, lemon dressing & truffled ricotta 10$
roasted beets w salsa verde, avocado & mascarpone 11$
baby kale “caesar” 7$
canned soup: melon gazpacho 7$
chilled foi gras w candied pecans & blueberry gel 16$
fried pork terrine w house mustard & charred leek jam 9$
*bone marrow, tuna tartare, fried quail eggs 15$
steam mussels w coconut milk, curry & cilantro 12$
smoked rigatoni w goat bolognese, bone marrow & grana padano 16$
cilantro bucatini w pulled chicken, tomatillo sauce & oregano 15$

speck wrapped monkfish w cauliflower, radish & shaved green plums 28$
pork belly 'a la plancha' w mizo mustard, turnips & peppers 26$
braised shortrib w corn, red onion bulbs, pole beans & horseradish 31$
long island duck breast w onion soubise, dates & lemon cucumber 29$
whole wood fired porgy w salsa veracruzana 26$
“juicy lucy” w thrice cooked french fries 14$

corn creme brulee 6$
macaroni & head cheese 6$
fried cauliflower & spring beans, thai vinaigrette 7$
thrice cooked french fries 5$

a slice of chocolate cake w vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream 7$
ricotta cheesecake, blueberry, lemon champagne foam 7$
strawberry & rhubarb cobbler, wild rice ice cream 7$
lemon curd, toasted marshmallow, brown butter crisp 7$

privateer's crutch: gin, lemon, cucumber ginger beer 10$
last word: gin, green chartreuse, maraschino, lime 11$
surfer moon: tequila, pomegranate, oleo-saccharum, bitters 10$
moscow fizz: vodka, ginger beer, lime, whites 9$
the hatter: bourbon, carrot syrup, amaro braulio, bitters, lemon 11$

beers: foggy ridge cider 500ml 24$ brooklyn brown ale 6$ whale’s tale pale ale 5$ sankaty lager 5$
hitachino white 12$ samuel smith stout 8$ mother earth kolsch 6$ hitachinio white 12$

Note: This is a sample menu. Our menu options change daily based on what's in our pantry.